Friday, July 17, 2015

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Juice For Athletes

Drinking lemon juice can be very beneficial to your body. Making it a daily routine can be helpful in keeping you healthy. The healthier you are, the more time you can train in the gym and the less down time that you are forced to spend grounded from that nasty flu or cold. Read more about this along with other benefits below.

Benefits of drinking lemon juice (With water)

Lemon benefit 1: It boosts your immune system

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. Drinking lemons in liquid form (lemon juice) allows for quick and usable absorption when your body needs it. Drinking it daily allows your body to get more of the vitamin whenever you have a deficiency - which you might be unaware of even having. Don't wait for sickness to let you know you're vitamin C deficient. You don't know when you need vitamin C, so taking it regularly will do wonders to prevent the sicknesses you didn't know you were going to get. This proactive approach allows you to fight off illnesses before you get sick, not when you're already sick and it's too late.

Lemon benefit 2: Recovery, joint strength and injury prevention

Even though lemon juice is acidic, it assists your body to remove excess acid from your body. This can help remove some of the lactic acid build up from exercise. Doing so will speed up recovery and get your muscles back on track sooner. Add the vitamin C content to the mix and your joints will have more of what they need to get stronger. This helps to prevent injury. Here are other great ways to speed up recovery from exercise

Lemon benefit 3: Lemon juice makes you look good from the inside out

Lemon juice is used topically on the skin to help with pimples, wrinkles and to fade freckles. But taking it through a drink will make you look better from the inside out. It will give you a healthy glow and add a natural radiance to your skin. Its detoxing properties (see below) will help your body to remove impurities. This, combined with the extra vitamin C, will help to keep your skin looking young and fresh. Wounds and scars will take less time to heal and it also contributes to healthier hair and nails. Click here for more tips on improving your skin.

Lemon benefit 4: It provides energy, suppresses appetite and helps fat loss

Drinking lemon juice is a gentle, subtle way of losing fat without sacrificing any muscle. Even if lemon juice helps you to lose a few grams of fat a day, doing this daily will make a huge difference over a long period of time.

Lemon benefit 5: Lemon juice detoxes you

Lemon juice helps the body to release toxins in the blood and muscles. Furthermore, if you drink warm lemon juice and water first think in the morning, it helps you digestive system and allows your body to eliminate it's natural 'waste' easier and smoother. Think of lemon juice as the crowd control of your colon. It also boosts liver and kidney performance because it helps them to get rid of the toxins that often keep them too busy to focus on other functions. When the strain on your liver and kidneys are lessened because there are less toxins for them to deal with, they can dedicate more of themselves to other functions like regulating metabolism and important nutrients.

Lemon benefit 6: Healthy alternative to water 

Pure water is the healthiest thing to drink and should form the majority of all your liquid consumption. A squirt of lemon in your water once a day is a nice break from the boring taste of plain water, but won't have any negative health impacts - as long as you don't overdo it (see tips and advice below). A squirt of lemon juice in water is also extremely low in calories. Don't add sugar if you want to keep the calories low.

Lemon benefit 7: Vitamins and minerals 

Lemon juice has other useful nutrients that are good for your body and increase your overall health. These nutrients include potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A and pectin fiber. Pectin fiber aids digestion and reduces cholesterol. See the benefits of these minerals here.

Lemon benefit 8: Anti-bacterial properties 

The antibacterial properties in lemon juice make it a good remedy for sore throats (and preventing them). It will help you to fight the fight against any other bacteria that you aren't aware of around you. Lemon juice is also antiseptic. The regular presence of lemon juice in your mouth can deter germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gum disease. Just be careful - too much lemon juice can wear at your teeth since it is acidic. Read more on that below.

Lemon benefit 9: Boosts heart and physical performance

Lemon juice thins your blood which is good for your heart, circulation and cardiovascular system. Your body will have an easier time and be more efficient at delivering nutrients to your muscles during training. Improved blood flow will also shorten recovery times.

Tips and advice

Be tooth smart

Drink lemon juice diluted in water. Lemon juice is acidic and can cause tooth decay, so don't drink it on its own and be sure NOT to drink it before or after brushing your teeth. As long as you do this, it won't have a negative effect on your teeth.

Don't overdo it 

Lemon juice thins your blood, which is a good thing. With too much thinning, though, your blood won't be able to clot. If you cut yourself and your blood is too thin, it will keep flowing, causing more blood loss than normal. One glass of lemon water (2-4 table spoons lemon juice mixed with water) daily is enough to get all the benefits of lemon juice, without thinning the blood too much.

You can get very similar benefits from drinking apple cider vinegar. Do you know of any other benefits from lemon juice? Let us know in the comments below. STAY STRONG!

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