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As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.
Write for us.

SA Spotters is now officially open to guest posts and contributor posts.

Health blog write for us

If you have something valuable to say that you think our readers will enjoy, you now have the opportunity to pitch for content to be published on our site. At our own discretion, we will only accept content that abides by the following rules:

1) Your article must be relevant to our audience

We post content for the health, fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and dieting and weight loss audience. Content outside of these topics will not be accepted.

2) Content must be original

We don't accept content that has been published anywhere else on the internet. All content that you submit must be unique (one of a kind). If your article is accepted, do not share the same content anywhere else. This will result in us taking down your content and banning you from guest posting on our site in the future. We check for content originality before accepting your post.

3) Content must be read-worthy

We get that you are submitting content to build your own brand and reach out to our audience, but this is not an opportunity for you to write one long advert. If you're an egg supply company, submit an article about the health benefits of eggs - not an article about why everyone should buy from you instead of the next guy. Athletes who are trying to build their online reputation can write about what exercise and eating plans work for them - not about why prospective sponsors should give them a call. Write about something that will educate our readers and teach them how to achieve greater health.

A word after a word after a word is power.
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4) Your submitted article should cover the topic well

People love explanations. Don't expect the reader to understand the same terminology or principles that you do. If you are writing about how to increase testosterone naturally, for example, give an explanation about why people should want to increase their testosterone levels. If you can write about a topic in less than 500 words, you haven't covered it very well. For this reason, we don't accept posts less than 700 words long. This can include your personal introduction at the beginning or author's by-line at the end of the post.

5) You must have the rights to all media that you submit with your content

Pictures and other media aren't required, but if you want to submit pictures of yourself or anything else that you think is relevant, you can. Make sure that you do not send pictures or other media that belongs to someone else - this can be seen as fraudulent. If you absolutely need to use media that is owned by someone else, provide a link to the original source.

6) You may provide a method for our readers to connect with you

If your content is good enough, we'll share it with our audience. We value good content, and we are happy to reward you with visibility to our readers. You can provide yourself with an introductory paragraph at the beginning of the post or an author's by-line at the end (choose one - don't do both). You may give yourself a link to your website or your social media accounts (both are also OK). If relevant, you may also have one link to a certain page or post of your website within the article body where applicable.

7) Link to trustworthy sources where applicable

If you are making a claim that needs scientific proof, link to sources that prove your claim. Links that support your statements need to come from reputable sources.

Have enough courage to start and enough heart to finish.
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I'm interested! How do I apply?

Write your article in a Microsoft Word document and attach this document in an email to We will read your post and get back to you as soon as we can. We will publish the article and send you the link to the new post, reject the post and give you reasons why or suggest edits before it can go live. Guest posts will be also shared on our Twitter page.

SA Spotters will always be dedicated to putting our readers first and giving them content that helps them achieve their individual goals.

Health and fitness write for us (additional information)

Health and fitness merchandise

Please note that we make money from advertising and product merchandise. All posts (including accepted guest posts) will be tagged with a 'support our website and buy this product' label at the bottom of the article. See the bottom of this page for an example of what that looks like.

Fitness blog write for us

We do not charge for guest posts, and we do not offer payment for content either. We benefit by getting good, read-worthy content. You benefit by increasing the reach of your website, brand, business or personality.

Nutrition write for us

If you are unsure about what to write about, feel free to email us some topics that you have in mind. We will choose the one that excites us the most.

Health and wellness write for us

If your content is of a high enough standard, we might offer for you to become a regular contributor. This will give you the opportunity to engage with our audience and build your own brand in more than a single post.

Start writing. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.
Inspiration comes from action.

Exercise write for us

If you would like us to guest post on your site, you are welcome to send us an email with the site you would like us to write for. We will check it out and if we feel like it is a good fit, we might be able to submit content to you.

Health write for us guest post

You may have up to two links back to your site: One contextual link within the body of the article to a page or article on your website, and one link to your homepage in your introductory paragraph or author's bio. You may also include links to your social media pages or provide ways for readers to contact you.

Health and beauty write for us

Once accepted, your article will be published live within two business days. We will send you the link so that you can check it out.

Submit guest post health

Once you have received the link to your article, you may share with you social media accounts. This step is not required: It is up to you regarding whether you would like to share it with your audience or not.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
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Health and fitness write for us

All new posts are shared to our Twitter page. If you would like us to include a mention of your Twitter handle in our tweet about the new post, please let us know.

Health blog write for us

All posts will be published on this site indefinitely, unless:

  • You submit the same content elsewhere
  • A website that you link to in the post engages in spam-like behavior that might put our own site in jeopardy

In either of these cases (and we check for both regularly), the content will be taken down in order to protect the integrity of our site.

Fitness guest post

The article will be re-distributed across our social media platforms from time to time (approximately twice a year). Old content is still good content. Many of our followers learn something new every day from content that we have already published a long time ago.

Weight loss write for us

Special preference will be given to articles that interlink between any of our existing articles.

You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.
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Wellness write for us

You may link to other, high authority sites from within the article to back up claims or to prove your point. This may include studies, other health websites, etc. This will improve the authority of your own brand though the power of association. Additional links must be to trusted health and fitness sources with high authority.

Guest post fitness

We may interlink to your guest post through our relationships with other websites in the future if your content is good enough for us to refer to. This will positively impact your own interests as the reach from your article spreads to other websites.

Health and wellness write for us

Articles need to be within the health, fitness, wellness, food, beauty, supplement etc. niche to be accepted. If you are unsure, feel free to email us your topic ideas or article and we will let you know whether it is a good fit.

Health and fitness + “write for us”

As always, we expect all content to be written in a manner that positively impacts the end user: our readers. Readers should come away better off than when they first started reading the article.

Write for us exercise

Most guest authors will be submitting content in order to promote their own websites. We understand that and are happy to provide value in return for valuable content. We also accept people who would like to promote other things like their social media pages, YouTube channels, business pages etc.

If you would like to see an example of a guest that we love, check out this amazing post by Saad Shah.

You can send all articles or queries to

Stay Strong!

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