Monday, July 17, 2017

13 Reasons Why Every Athlete Must Have Fish Oil Daily

If you are an athlete, you need to have fish oil every day. Here are the reasons why:

Fish oil contains omega 3 oils

We eat too much plant oils which contain omega 6 oils. These oils are found in almost all processed food and fast food. You find it in baked foods, fried foods and most snacks. These oils are in unnaturally high concentrations. If our diets were completely natural, there is no possible way that we would get as much omega 6 as we do in our western diets. That's only the beginning. When these plant oils are super-heated (like in frying, baking or processing), they become toxic to our bodies. This is the horrible trans-fat stuff that we hear is so bad for us. These oils encourage obesity, diabetes and cancer. Omega 3 oils are generally come from animals. It is more natural for us to eat these in high quantities. 

Fish oil benefit 1: Balances omega oils in your body

When you consume fish oil, you make a step towards restoring the balance between omega 3 and 6 oils. This will correct the inner working of your body, which will make your body perform better. When your body performs better, it recovers faster and can do more than it could before you had this improved omega oil balance. 

Read on to see how I support these claims. The following points will discuss the ways that fish oil makes your body perform better.

Fish oil benefit 2: Prevents joint injury

Fish oil is one of the recommended ways to prevent joint injury. It lubricates the joints. This decreased risk of injury from impact, decreases the rate at which the joints grind against one another during movement and slows overall wear and tear. Fewer joint injuries decrease the amount of time that you would spend in recovery from injury instead of pushing to get to your next goal.

Heart health lists the ways that fish oils improve heart function. It says that fish oil supplementation can also benefit people who already have heart diseases. It says that fish oil benefits the heart in the way listed below.

Fish oil benefit 3: Reduces triglycerides

Triglycerides are the main components of fat in humans. They are also the main components in vegetable fat. When triglyceride levels are too high, they limit liver performance, along with heart ability. Your liver is crucial for energy production and recovery after exercise.

Fish oil benefit 4: Lowers blood pressure

When blood pressure is too high, you need to be careful about doing exercise that is too strenuous, because this might momentarily make your blood pressure too high for your body to handle. Another example is the fact that people who have higher blood pressure need to limit their times in steam rooms more than people with regular blood pressure. Steam rooms have many benefits and limiting the amount of time you can stay because of high blood pressure limits the benefit you can get from each visit. High blood pressure will limit your heart's ability to get nutrients to your body. This is crucial for athletes who need maximum recovery as soon as possible. Lower blood pressure is strongly linked to physical fitness.

Fish oil benefit 5: Reduces the risk of abnormal heart rhythms

This has been the reason why many athletes have to leave their chosen career path. Athletes with abnormal heart rhythms should not compete, because training at the high intensity levels that their professions demand poses too much risk for their well-being.

Fish oil benefit 6: Slows the development of plaque in arteries

The restricted space in arteries from plaque development poses a big threat to heart health. It limits the rate at which the body can exchange oxygen and carbon monoxide in the blood. Lower blood oxygen leads to decreased maximum performance, as well as decreased duration of physical performance.

Fish oil benefit 7: Reduces heart attack, stroke and sudden death in people with heart disease

It is a big tragedy that many cyclists and runners have passed this way. It is important to look after your heart health and fish oil goes a long way in your efforts to keep that ticker ticking for as long as possible.

Other benefits

Fish oil benefit 8: Keeps your eyes strong and healthy

Dr. Axe says that fish oil combats eye disease. It improves eye health and has been shown to reverse age related eye disorders like macular degeneration and cataracts. There is a strong link between the amount of fish that people eat and the prevalence of eye disorders. Studies have proven a remarkable benefit for eye function when fish oil is regularly consumed. If your sport requires a quick eye, fish oil might be a great way to protect your eye balls.

Fish oil benefit 9: Keeps your bones strong

Shannon Clark from says that fish oil is essential for bone health. It increases their resilience, decreases the rate at which they degenerate and increases their ability to create more cells. This will decrease risk of bone fracture and lower bone fragility.

Fish oil benefit 10: Improves working memory says that fish oil could improve your working memory. Working memory refers to your brains ability to work with the information it gets right now and process it in such a way that it can interact with that information quickly and effectively. Working memory is important for athletes that need to make quick decisions without giving them much thought. Medical News does note, though, that the effects of fish oil on working memory might decline with age. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you get good amounts of fish oil in your diet from as young an age as possible.

Fish oil benefit 11: Decreases inflammation

It enhances the activity of a certain type of white blood cell. This white blood cell (B cells) lowers inflammation in the body. This will reduce pain, speed up recovery and discourage disease formation.

Fish oil benefit 12: Boosts immune system

Organic Facts tells us that fish oil boosts our immune systems and can reduce the amount of times that we get sick. In the long run, this will lead to less down time and more opportunity to further physical progress.

Fish oil benefit 13: Aids in fat loss 

Fish oil helps your body to metabolize fat. The better you can metabolize fat, the better your body can turn fat into energy. This will automatically increase energy levels and will give you more energy to train and better yourself at whatever you are doing. The energy increase will positively impact your physical performance overall, including contest/ race/ test/ game/ match days.

The best way to get fish oil is by eating oily fish like salmon and mackerel. On days that you don't, you can take 1000-2000 milligrams of fish oil per day. Do not overdo the fish oil though, since taking too much can cause problems of its own like thinning the blood too much. It should therefore not be taken with blood thinners and some other medications. Always consult your doctor before taking vitamins or supplements. STAY STRONG!

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