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Disadvantages of a keto diet

The ketogenic diet

A ketogenic diet (or keto diet) is a diet with very low or no carbohydrates that keeps your body in a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a state where the body converts fats into energy instead of sugar. Nowadays, everyone wants to lose weight. Many people are promoting and using the keto diet for rapid weight loss - especially in the United States. The reason it has become so popular is because the keto diet helps you to lose quite a lot of weight in a minimum amount of time. The keto diet, though, might be an unhealthy way to lose weight. Let's look into how keto diet could be unsafe for us.

Types of keto diets

There are several types of a keto diets. Some of those are as follows:

High-protein keto diet

It is rich in proteins. It contains 60% fats, 5% carbs, and 35% proteins.

Standard keto diet

This one is low in carbs and high in fats. It contains 75% fats, 5% carbs, and 20% proteins.

Targeted keto diet

This one allows you to add carbs in workouts.

Disadvantages of a keto diet

Negative impact on the heart

Many people are happily adopting a keto diet because it allows foods like burgers, pizzas, and meat. The meat-heavy nature of this diet increases cholesterol levels in the body. It is also high in fats, so it harms your blood cholesterol level.

When the amount of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) increases in the body, it causes slow blood flow to the heart muscles. Arteries become narrow, and this condition can lead to heart disease.

Deficiency of essential nutrients

Our body needs many essential nutrients to work properly. These nutrients include proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins, and carbohydrates. To remain healthy, we need a healthy diet that contains all these nutrients. Keto diets don’t allow whole grains and fruits. The keto diet can therefore lead to a shortage of essential nutrients. You lose weight through this diet, but your body loses nutrients that are needed to perform important cellular tasks. So if you are planning to follow a keto diet, always consult a registered dietitian first.

Keto flu

The deficiency of carbs in the body causes keto flu during a keto diet. Keto flu is a condition where you feel


Sleep and hydration will help but you will still feel weak throughout the day. It is because our body gets most of our energy from carbohydrates. With a low intake of carbohydrates, your body doesn’t get much power and you can feel sick as a result.

Can make you feel thirsty

Your body converts carbohydrates into glucose, and glucose stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin carries glucose to cells of the body for energy and saves the rest of glucose as glycogen. Between meals, our body takes energy from these glycogen stores.
During a keto diet, there is a deficiency of carbohydrates in the body and it doesn’t produce sufficient amounts of insulin. Instead, ketones interrupt overall electrolyte levels. This causes the kidney to release water. It leads to frequent urination. Your mouth remains dry throughout the day and you feel thirsty.

Causes bad breath

You may have lousy breath if you have recently started a keto diet. Our liver uses fat cells to produce organic compounds called ketones during a keto diet. It includes acetoacetic acid and acetone. These byproducts show up in your breath. When your body starts to break down fats for energy, gases are produced. These gases are released through urination and exhalation. So people often complain about bad breath during a keto diet. Bad breath is actually a good sign too that your body has started burning fats for fuel.

Sugar deficiency

We know that too much sugar can damage the body, but our body needs enough sugar to work optimally. Sugars travel through the bloodstream to the cells. There, they provide energy for the cells. Carbohydrates and sugar break down into glucose. The brain cells and red blood cells use glucose for energy.

During a keto diet, our body doesn’t get enough carbs and sugars. Glucose doesn’t travel through the bloodstream, and you feel low in energy.

Regaining the weight

You may lose weight in a short period of time through a keto diet, but as soon as you introduce carbs again, your body starts to gain the weight back.  It is because keto diet relies on ketosis for a particular process and once the body is no longer in that state, you begin to gain the weight back. If you want to avoid this situation, consult a dietitian so he/she can guide you through a balanced diet.

Causes diarrhea

If you are going to the bathroom again and again during the keto diet, you are not alone. Many people face this problem during a keto diet. It can be due to a lack of fiber. When you cut off carbohydrate-rich foods like vegetables and whole grains, diarrhea can occur. This is common when you switch to a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet. Diarrhea can also happen due to an increase in dairy and artificial sweeteners.


The keto diet is missing some essential nutrients and some primary food groups. Keto diet can be beneficial for some people for a short period. But people who have a higher risk of heart disease should avoid a keto diet. If you want to lose weight, shift to a healthy diet. It will help you to lose weight and support a healthy lifestyle. But if you're going to use a keto diet, it is better to consult your dietitian for the right food choices.

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