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5 Tips to gain weight at home

These days everybody wants to lose weight. Everyone is fed up with being overweight and trying to find the best way to burn fat. The strange thing here is that some people are suffering from low body weight. Being skinny is so frustrating, to be honest. I remember that in my high school years, students used to call me names because I was skinny. I always tried to find different ways to gain weight. Later when I was doing my diploma in nutrition, I found out that you can gain weight quickly at home. It's not a big deal. In today's article, I will share some amazing tips to gain weight at home from my experience.

Reasons for being underweight

There can be many reasons for being underweight. Some of those include the following:
High metabolism
Health issues
Eating disorders

5 Tips to gain weight at home

Here are some tips to increase weight quickly at home:

Eat more and more calories

The best way to gain weight is to eat more calories than what your body uses. Your body burns calories daily. It would be best if you consumed more calories than what your body burns. Add high-calorie foods to your diet to gain weight. Foods like granola, meat, tofu, avocado, milk, beans and sweet potatoes are rich in calories. Try to consume these foods as much as you can. Avoid eating the foods that give you a feeling of fullness. Some foods can provide you with a feeling of hunger like bananas, apples, oranges, and junk food. When you eat more, you will consume more calories and ultimately you will gain weight.

Banana shake

Banana is a super fruit that is available in every season, so why not take advantage of this great weight-gaining option? Banana is rich in calories. It gives you energy and helps you with weight gain. Every morning you wake up and have a cup of tea. It does not have many weight gain benefits for you. But if you replace morning tea with a glass of banana shake, you will see a healthy change in your life. If you have a skinny body and you are suffering from low weight, make it your daily routine to drink a glass of banana shake - you will feel the difference.

More protein

What if you asked me what is the single most essential nutrient to gain weight is? I would say that it is protein. Your body's muscles are made up of protein, so when you increase your protein intake it helps your muscles to grow and you gain weight where your body needs it the most. Most people don’t consume the daily recommended value of protein. If you are a skinny guy or gal, your daily protein intake should be between 1.5 grams and 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. You can increase your protein intake by increasing your consumption of foods that are rich in proteins like fatty fish, red meat, dairy products, whey protein powder, whole eggs, and nuts.

Be hydrated

Drinking water is related to weight loss and if you are overweight doctors recommend that you drink water, but in many cases drinking water is also connected to weight gain. There is a theory behind this and the theory is that your body flushes out a small specific amount of water from the body; so if you drink more and more water it gets stored in your body and helps with weight gain in the form of water weight. Doctors recommend eight glasses of water daily. I will say that to gain weight, you must drink more than the recommended amount. If this theory works for you, as it did for me, then you can gain weight with this simple trick.

Increase physical strength

When you take in excessive calories but don’t work out then the excessive calories in your body will turn into fat. It is recommended to do a little workout regularly so that calories in the body don’t change into fat. Go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week to gain muscle if you have a busy schedule, and if you cannot go to the gym then start with a morning walk at minimum. Try to avoid long cardio exercises because they may burn too many calories.

These tips will help you with weight gain quickly. Try all of them out for a few weeks and let me know in the comments which ones worked best for you. Remember to practice moderation with any big lifestyle change and always consult with a professional if you are unsure.

Saad Shah

My name is Saad Shah. I am an avid food lover and food nutrition blogger. I'm a firm believer in the transforming powers of food. I run a nutrition blog on my website nutritionride to encourage conscious food choices - with knowledge of their nutritional value.

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